Maashorst nature cemetery

Thatched roof shed was the starting point for the new ceremony building

VOCUS is involved in many projects where sustainability plays an important role. Within that, designing a ceremony building is always special. It's all about the connection with nature and ensuring privacy. Such is reflected in this ceremonial building in its shape, a traditional sheepfold with two separate volumes.

The ceremony space and information point are placed in the separate sections with their own entrances and lines of sight to the surrounding nature. The transverse wooden volumes make the distinction in functions tangible and symbolise the transition between two worlds. The materials used are mostly easily recyclable or reusable. Essential, since the building, with a surface area of over 500m², will be removed as soon as the cemetery is full. The natural and modest look is enhanced by the thatched roof with oak trusses, the mix of different woods, concrete floors, clinker paving and a simple fireplace, giving visitors a feeling of security.



Natuurbegraven Nederland





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