Shopping centre, Arena Den Bosch

Transformation of a dated complex into a vibrant and modern shopping centre

After a thorough six-month facelift, the complex, built in 1998, is ready for the future and has the appeal of a bustling shopping centre with a modern and transparent look. An attraction within the historical heart of Den Bosch.

VOCUS was responsible for the design of the new façades and Blom&Moors from Den Bosch took care of redesigning the public space. The new façades of white natural stone and the raised and widened for more cohesion in the building and a better connection to the historical surroundings. A central point is the large 'living table' with benches. This is where old and new come together. The table has been equipped with display cases filled with archaeological objects that were found here, and there are outlets for the use of laptops, mobile phones and other devices.


Client : Aberdeen European Balanced Property Fund
Location Den Bosch
Completed: 2015