Spuistraat Vlamingstraat The Hague

Quality improvement of The Hague city center

An area study for the Spuistraat commissioned by a core group of shopkeepers as a solution to the poor state of maintenance and the resulting vacancy and cluttering of one of the oldest and busiest shopping streets in The Hague.  We provided a toolbox with a well-thought-out and pragmatic roadmap with clear guidelines to improve the Spuistraat's quality and appeal.
But the story of the Spuistraat in The Hague is not an isolated case. There are lots of these 'problem areas' in the Netherlands. In the district of The Hague, Bureau Binnenstad, real estate owners and retailers have joined forces. Quality improvement has been initiated, considering even drastic measures, which have been included in an area covenant.




Core group of store owners


The Hague



Fase 1: Analyseren en Onderzoeken

Fase 2: Borgen en Organiseren

Fase 3: Vastleggen en Benoemen

Fase 4: Testen en Voorbeeld stellen

Fase 5: Stimuleren en Implementeren

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