Renovation of Amsterdamse Poort, Cluster 4

New plinth creates a strong image for the shops and liveliness in the squares

The central area of De Amsterdamse Poort, close to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station and next to the ING Campus offices and several indoor shopping malls, is in need of a facelift. The central area dates from 1987 and after more than thirty years there is an ambition to turn the area into a lively and dynamic city centre again.
CBRE Investment Management asked VOCUS Architects to make a design for the renovation of a plinth of shops - Cluster 4 - as part of the transformation and renovation of the entire Amsterdamse Poort. An interesting task, in which we not only had to take into account the owner of the retail and hospitality spaces but also Ymere, the corporation that manages the flats above them.
Client CBRE IM
Location Amsterdam Bijlmer
Completed 2022