Hospitality pavilion, Soesterdal

Sustainable and progressive restaurant at the old Soesterberg air base

The closure of Soesterberg air base has created the possibility of redeveloping this beautiful, unspoilt and partly public nature reserve. For example, the historical bicycle path has been restored and a new, sustainably developed residential area is to be built in the future.
Soesterdal is a part of this new interpretation. A modest and sustainable hospitality pavilion of 660m² consisting of a café-restaurant with terrace, surrounded by a natural play forest and various play areas. Lying on a spacious plot at the edge of the forest, with a wide view over the base, as part of the ecological main structure. The rich and diverse flora and fauna of the area and the panoramic view have guided the development of this pavilion. An integrated and sustainable design, based on three strong pillars: sustainability, recreation and education.



SEMS Group





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